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Here you can register a domain name for your project, portfolio or business website. Registering a domain in the USA has never been easier, just enter your ideal domain in the below form and select from our list of top level domains TLDs such as .com, or .net. Before you choose your website TLD, consider who your target market and demographic are. If you want to do business internationally then a .com domain registration is very suitable, whereas if you operate solely from the UK and sell to UK customers then a would be far more suitable a choice of domain name purchase.

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The first step in setting up your website, before organizing website hosting, is the registration of a domain. With DDS Hosting you can setup a domain name and hosting, as well as link them together at checkout automatically. Now its simple to get online and setup a website easily.

Getting lots of traffic to your new website is important to succeed online. When you get a domain name for your website, consider the keywords which potential customers will type into search engines to find you. Domains are still an important factor in search engine optimization and it is best to choose a great domain carefully and stay with it. For example, if you sell toys for pets and your business is called “Smiths Toys”, instead of registering the domain “”, consider “” or even just “”. This will help the search engines such as Google and Bing to determine what position to rank your website. Buying a domain name which that’s simple and clear is both best practice and helps better the usability of a website.

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At DDS Hosting, we’re on your side. So when the time comes to go about domain registration, we’re always happy to help point you in the right direction. We make the domain registration process as cheap and easy as possible, but what matters more than anything else is the choice of domain you ultimately decide to go with.

We can help with the technical side of things, but in terms of your site’s address and the name you’ll be known by from now on, you have the final say on the matter!

Choosing a domain name is in many respects just as important as choosing the name for your business as a whole – suffice to say you cannot afford to rush the process. It takes care, attention and plenty of thought to come up with a winning domain name, though we’re of course more than happy to offer our own tips and tricks to help choose a domain name for business.

Short, Sweet and Simple
Probably the most important tip of all we at DDS Hosting can offer is that of choosing a domain name that’s short and simple. The reason for choosing a short name is of course that you want it to be a name your readers can remember, while the simplicity side of things makes sure it’s easy for them to spell. This is why it’s not usually a good idea to go with non-standard spellings, regardless of how good they may sound when spoken out loud.

And for the same reasons, you might want to consider excluding any unusual symbols or characters from the domain name you choose as these are too easily misunderstood.

Clever Keywords
We’ve already mentioned domain name keywords, but it’s a point that’s important enough to touch upon at least twice. Clever keyword use means not only using those that are most obvious, but thinking beyond what’s right there in front of you to the keywords that might not be quite so heavily fought for.

One of the best ways of doing this – if you ask our crack team of DDS Hosting domain name experts – is to think about going local. If you’re targeting a certain area as opposed to the whole of the world at the same time, you can slip this into your website’s domain name and give it a serious kick in the right direction. The more specific you can be while keeping it nice and short, the better!

Look Now, Act Fast
Admittedly, we said that rushing is never a good idea, but at the same time you don’t have forever to buy domain names of high value. There’s only ever going to be one of each domain name on offer, which means that if you’ve come up with one or more great domain name ideas, you might want to think about registering them sooner rather than later.

The good news is of course that DDS Hosting can help you do exactly that – cheaply, easily and quickly.

Give us a call today and we’ll get you started.