Complete Social Media Optimization / Marketing Service

The use of the term SMO or Social Media Optimization is becoming common place in today’s on-line marketing industries. It refers to use management of multiple social networks and media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus to generate leads and build brand awareness. RSS and Social Bookmarking websites such as Reddit also fall into the category of what can be social media optimized.

Increasingly social media optimization is becoming an essential addition to any SEO campaign. They work very well in tandem with one another and are fast becoming inseparable. Whilst an individual ‘Like’ on Facebook may not get your business booming, many thousands of real Facebook likes will gives off social signals which tell search engines you are providing a valuable and authoritative resource for your users.

  • Monthly
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Facebook Posts
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Google Plus Posts
  • Get Likes & Followers
  • Generate Some Leads
  • Start Email Lists
  • Get Noticed

  • Monthly
  • Twitter Management
  • Facebook Management
  • Pinterest Management
  • Google Plus Management
  • More Likes & Followers
  • Generate Leads
  • Build Email Lists
  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Monthly
  • Twitter Consultancy
  • Facebook Consultancy
  • Pinterest Consultancy
  • Google Plus Consultancy
  • Even More Likes & Followers
  • Generate Lots Of Leads
  • Grow Email Lists
  • Establish Your Brand

Another very useful feature of a good social network marketing campaign is that when you get a large following including more Facebook fans and more Twitter followers you have a higher chance of your posts and tweets going viral. Viral is not only a buzzword, it is now a tool to increase your companies brand awareness, generate more leads and boost your reputation with Social Media Optimization.

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Social Media Optimization
The fuss surrounding social media right now is more than justified – if anything it’s a fair bit understated! Here at DDS Hosting, we’re more than aware of the power social media holds for boosting the profile of any business – we’re also an authority on extracting and using it.

Applied properly, social media optimization can bring your brand more than it’s possible to comprehend, though suffice to say it’s largely limitless in potential.

Build Brand Authority, Increase Awareness
For example, we tailor each of our bespoke social media marketing packages with the authority, reputation and general awareness of the client’s brand in mind. It’s a plain and simple fact that the world’s love affair with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram isn’t going anywhere in the near future, so it stands to reason that effective social media marketing remains a supremely powerful tool. A strong social media presence not only lets the people know you exist, it establishes your name as authority in your field.

The Human Touch
Another key benefit of getting it right with social media marketing and optimization is the ability to sell without selling – the Holy Grail of online marketing. When people go to social media sites like Facebook, they go for personal reasons and don’t expect to be blasted with marketing materials. Engaging with customers via social media is a much more personal experience and encourages two-way communication – it removes the usual business/client barrier and adds the human touch.

Invite Feedback
Everyone involved in social media has an opinion and boy do they like to speak their minds! In business this can only ever be a good thing – it’s impossible to improve if you don’t know where you’re going wrong. Here at DDS Hosting, we champion the invitation of feedback for the sake of both reputation management and the general bettering of your business – social media is the biggest feedback forum you’ll ever have access to.

Essential Market Research
To get involved in social media is to dive right into the heart of your target audience and find out what it is that makes them tick. Who are they liking on Facebook? What kinds of Tweets are they sharing? What kinds of businesses are they interested in? The difference social media marketing makes is that it gets a first-hand look at exactly what you’re prospects are doing, as opposed to just hazarding a guess.

Simplify Customer Service
To make the most of social media for business is to open something of an auxiliary customer service department that’s likely to become a favourite with your fans, followers and customers. The ability to ask questions with ease and have them responded to promptly by you or your service team is hugely appealing and is sure to boost loyalty.

And it’s of course important not to forget the potential social media marketing has for creating a solid network of business contacts. From peers to rivals to suppliers to superiors, the more names and resources you have at your disposal, the better-equipped you’ll be to cope with literally anything!