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DDS Hosting has extensive experience in multiple areas of creative website design. Over our years in business, we’ve helped businesses; hobbyists and all manner of private ventures breathe life into the websites of their dreams, facilitating the kind of exposure and brand expansion that would otherwise have been impossible.

Every website we design and build is painstakingly crafted in accordance with its purpose, its target audience and the overall vision of its respective owner. We’ve never been in the ‘one-size-fits-all’ website trade and nor will we ever be – a site designed and built by DDS Hosting is a unique site that’s unlike any other on the web today.

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If you do require a cheaper option, then you may be interested in our DIY Website Builder With WordPress hosted with DDS Hosting. It can be upgraded with a Booking System and / or E-commerce. Whilst this is a great service, it should only be used by startup businesses and those with very low budgets. It should not be looked at for a long term solution. For larger e-commerce websites we always recommend a future proof, established platform such Magento.

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  • Basic WordPress Website Setup
  • Training & Support

  • One Time Fee
  • Upgrade To Booking System
  • Installation & Setup

  • One Time Fee
  • Upgrade To E-commerce
  • Installation & Setup

Our experience extends to but is in no way limited to the following:

Portfolio Websites
Websites designed to showcase a portfolio of work have a lot in common with standard business websites – the product being sold in this particular instance however is you.

The key to successful portfolio website design lies in understanding the difference between a portfolio and a simple archive of information. A portfolio exists to focus as much attention as possible on the most important examples of the owner’s work, while at the same time giving a comprehensive overview of their capabilities. This means striking a precise balance between examples of work provided and ease of access – it’s not enough to simply feature thousands of examples and expect the reader to go through them one by one. We have spent years perfecting our approach to portfolio website design and promise all clients a uniquely effective and impressive result.

E-Commerce Websites
Online retail sites…aka e-commerce websites vary in size from the simplest of home craft businesses to enormously global conglomerates like eBay. However, what remains the same in all instances across the board is the importance of fluid and effective web design. For e-commerce websites, nothing matters more than flawless presentation and ease of navigation. Here at DDS, we focus on ensuring your customers find what they want as quickly and easily as possible, while making sure every inch of your online store looks as polished as the last.

Small Business Websites
The right website can work wonders for any small business, regardless of its core focus and target audience. Here at DDS Hosting, we understand the importance of not only standing out from the crowd, but also appealing to the comparatively smaller audiences smaller businesses generally target. We also champion full scalability, which is crucial given how growth in the small business sector is more rapid than at any other level. No matter where your business takes you, DDS Hosting will be right there with you.

Larger Business Websites
We’ve also turned our hand to the creation of dozens of much larger business websites over the years, along with countless overhauls of existing websites. The bigger your brand and the larger your reach, the greater the importance of your website being 100% flawless and comprehensively impressive. Larger business sites must be able to cope with high traffic volumes and sudden spikes without so much as a flicker of weakness showing, while at all times ensuring that every single visitor has the same high-standard experience.

It’s no minor task, but DDS Hosting has the winning formula for success.

Hobby Websites
We appreciate that not all websites are about making money, which is why we’re delighted to help with the design and build of simple hobby websites. No matter what it is you love to do and what kind of message you’d like to share with the world, we’ve got the powerful, affordable and easy to use design packages for hobbyists covering every imaginable niche.

Band Websites
For bands, artists and really anyone else looking to make a name for themselves in the music industry, the right website can make sure you get noticed. Breaking into the industry has never been trickier, but with the right kind of promotional website to showcase you work, advertise your live shows and generally get you out into the open, you stand a better chance than ever before of being discovered by someone influential. DDS Hosting has the skills and experience necessary to put your band’s name in lights and make sure you’re taken seriously by anyone that pays your site a visit.

Charity Websites
We’ve helped good causes up and down the UK spread the word about their charitable campaigns and efforts. Regardless of the cause you stand for, an effective charity website can lead to a marked increase in both interest and donations from those supporting your efforts. A charity website designed and built by DDS Hosting can be a uniquely powerful tool for conveying what you believe in and why you believe in it. And if you’re looking to recruit more members, subscribers or contributors, nothing has the same global reach as a charity website.

Scrap Car Websites
Car scrapping is big business all over the UK today as the country embraces a new era of responsible vehicle disposal. However, standing out from the crowd and getting noticed in any locality is becoming tougher by the say – we’re uniquely qualified to make sure you’re easily found. Even in business areas as competitive as this, we’ve proven ourselves as able to take any brand and lift it to new heights with the kind of positive exposure only an exquisite website can deliver.

Personal Blogs
If you have an opinion to share with the world, there’s really no better way to do so than with a personal blog. A blog site designed and launched by DDS Hosting combines extraordinary ease of use with flawless functionality and beautiful presentation – both of which are of key importance if your blog is to win the respect of your readers.

Corporate or Business Blogs
Our blog site service also extends to business and corporate blogs – the ideal tools for reaching out to your target audience and stimulating discussion. A blog can be a great tool for keeping your audience members up to date with the latest news, developments and products in accordance with your industry, while at the same time furthering two-way communication and encouraging feedback.

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