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DDS Hosting Norwich

Established in 2000 by Proprietor Tait Pollack (trading as) DDS Hosting has been providing online business solutions including high-end and bespoke website design to high traffic hosting and security for large e-commerce websites. DDS Hosting has pledged to donate a percentage of profits annually towards ethical and green causes including tree planting and sustainability causes. We love digital entrepreneurs, after all that’s how we started out. Here at DDS we offer a range of digital business solutions to suit a wide variety of your needs. We love to get involved with our clients and work alongside you to achieve your online goals. Feel free to use our contact form to get in touch about any ideas, question, proposals or suggestions you might have. We are a user driven hosting company and we listen.

Email Forwarding Service
As well as being provided with professional email accounts and storage, all of our webhosting deals include a fast email forwarding service as an alternative. If you use a web-based email service such as Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or Gmail then this could be the ideal setup for you. It will take all email sent to an address of your choosing i.e. [email protected] and route it through to your web-based service. If you are used to using Gmail for example, then nothing needs to change and you can continue working in the way you are used to. Some email services such as Gmail and Yahoo mail also have the facility to send email from your domains; this means that once you are fully setup with your shared web hosting service you can forget about the jargon and get on with your life and business.

Web Based Email Access
If you don’t have an account with Gmail, Hotmail or any other web-based email service and you don’t use a mail client like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook combined with POP3 and SMTP to check and send your electronic messages then this service will come in handy. With any of our shared hosting packages you can access, read and write email directly through the included RoundCube client in your cPanel. RoundCube is a fully featured client which allows for html emails, message threading, signatures and features spam filtering. Now through DDS Hosting you can access your business emails from anywhere, at any time.

POP3 & SMTP Accounts
POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol 3 (the third version of POP) and SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is the POP which allows you to receive mail and the SMTP which allows you to send it. Hosting packages linked to domain names are automatically setup to receive and send mail through these internationally recognised methods. Configuring your POP3 and SMTP email addresses through your web hosting cPanel is very easy with clearly marked instructions providing, in detail how best to setup many of the various mail clients available including Apple Mail and Microsoft Outlook.

cPanel Account Access
Administering your website can be a tricky process and the idea of it is rather daunting to many people. At DDS we provide and use cPanel hosting with our shared hosting products to give you the easiest interface for getting what you need from your package with us. cPanel is incredibly popular and used throughout the world by many large and professional organisations. The best thing about using cPanel to change your website settings is that become a member of a very large online community, spanning many dedicated forums who support and help each other to work out the many options which are available to you as a user. Of course you can always ask us too and if you need a hand we are always glad to help.

More than WordPress Hosting
Many hosting companies online like to sell and promote that they offer WordPress hosting. Do not be fooled, it is very possible to install the latest version of WordPress on pretty much any shared hosting setup. With a minimum of one database and a few hundred megabytes of allocated web space, you can happily blog away with a self hosted WordPress website for years. If you need help installing WordPress on any of our packages, just ask and we’ll do it for you free of charge. This applies not only to WordPress, but to any content management system or eCommerce system, paid or free. If you need a hand we make it our business to be here for you.

Domain Names

Registering domain names for our customers is a service we gladly provide. We are primarily a web hosting company and as such we offer domain registration with our hosting deals. We have a nice selection of premium and business level domain names to choose from, allowing you to register a .com domain, .tv domain and more. If you are unsure about how to choose the best domain name for your business, then we have a domain name tool to help you. Just put in a search for something along the lines of what you want, and we’ll suggest some ideas.

Email Hosting

When you sign up for any hosting package with DDS you will get comprehensive email support. Our shared hosting solutions offer the cPanel interface which allows you to easily setup pop3, smtp and email forwarding to which ever account you like elsewhere i.e. Hotmail or Yahoo email. When you setup your account with DDS Hosting and register your domain you will be able to offer a new professional appearance by sending mail from [email protected] This goes a long way to demonstrating strength and stability with your brand.

Shared Web Hosting

Whether it’s shared web hosting with our Grid Matrix packages, VPS hosting with our VPS+ Plus range or a full on dedicated hosting solution, website hosting is what we do best. With DDS is easy to setup your website and establish your presence online. We can work directly with yourself or your web designer on a technical basis to make the whole setup process easy. Our shared hosting packages offer OneClick installs through cPanel and it is easy to install and setup WordPress hosting as well as Drupal, Joomla and many other content management systems. We are standing by to help you get setup today.

Choosing a shared hosting package can be a great first time solution as it is the cheapest and easiest to setup. Most professionals and businesses start off with a good shared hosting solution and stick with it for a while before looking to upgrade to the more high powered and expensive hosting setups. We offer three different shared web hosting solutions which are all flexible and upgradable at a months’ notice. If you are not sure which one to choose, why not choose our ‘Startup’ hosting package and then see how you get on. Alternatively feel free to get in touch for some advice on which hosting solution you might need.

Virtual Private Servers

Hosting your website on a virtual private server (VPS) allows for a very stable online presence as you will not have to share your system resources with any other users. When you use this service you are given a fixed share of the processing power, the memory and hard disk space. A VPS server setup is in many ways like a dedicated server with regards to stability; the difference is that with a virtual server you may have up to four tenants on one machine each with an allocated share. With a dedicated service you are the sole tenant.

Dynamic Dedicated Servers

A fully dynamic dedicated server (DDS) has to be the only choice for websites which have a high traffic volume and a large bandwidth usage. The main advantage of this service is that your website will have the whole machine’s resources at its disposal. This means that during peak times such as holidays your website will stay up and running and the sales will keep coming in. A shared hosting solution for example is much more likely suffer downtime when subjected to peak period traffic as the combined bandwidth of many tenants on a shared platform can reach very high levels. If your absolute stability and speed are business critical and you’d like to have some fringe benefits such as your own name-servers and IP addresses then a DDS is the right choice.

Get More Traffic through Search Engine Optimization

It’s great that you have a website and have put a lot of time and effort in to the build and web design. But where is your traffic? One common mistake new website owners make is assuming that just by having a wonderfully laid out website it will be busy with lots of visitors. This can come as a devastating financial blow to business start-ups who have spent their entire budget on the build and design stage. Before you go ahead and organise you budget we recommend factoring in your search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. You need visitors to make money online; by setting up an efficient and well managed SEO campaign with us we can help you rank highly for relevant keywords in search major engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once you start making money from your site or at least getting the traffic you require, it will be much easier to re-invest in design and further SEO improvements.

Secure Your Site & Instill Trust

Once you have a website setup you will need to eventually establish a degree of online security. This both increases your long term website stability and the amount of trust that your visitors put into your business. Our range of online security products includes both SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates and certified TRUSTe privacy policy creation and licensing. A good combination of these help keep customers credit cards safe and helps to offer you legal protection against the worst case scenario.

When your business relies on the internet, you are relying on the trust your visitors have in you and your business. Studies have shown that higher levels of trust lead to a significant increases in sales and return on investment (ROI). With our carefully selected range of website security products including secure socket layer (SSL) certificates and TRUSTe certified privacy policies you can have all you need to store credit card details as well as sensitive customer information safely and securely.

Amongst our range you will find our Verisign SSL certificate with extended validation (EV). This certificate provides the absolute best in available 256 bit encryption for your website and will trigger not only the padlock for your customer but also the green bar in the top of their browser. If used on checkout pages, this green bar is noticeable and tells your potential customer that it is safe to enter and send you their personal information to buy.