Become An Affiliate

Open a ticket or email us to get started: [email protected] or move your hosting to us and just activate from your account page!

Been looking for a way to boost your earnings without taking a single risk? Our affiliate program might be just the ticket for you!

DDS Hosting is proud to offer one of the web’s most accessible and rewarding affiliate programs, which is in essence the closest thing you’ll ever get to a free and guaranteed investment!

The simple truth is that millions of people all over the world need the web’s best hosting services for business, private and general leisure purposes alike. We’ve made it our business to provide superior hosting services for the lowest possible prices – with your help we’d like to extend them to as many people as possible.

With our affiliate plan you’ll essentially be promoting what we do, which will not only earn you the respect of being linked with a quality brand, but also a generous payment for each new customer you send our way.

And if all that wasn’t enough – it’s 100% free to sign up and 100% risk-free!

Easy money? It just might be!

How Does DSS Hosting’s Affiliate Program Work?
The affiliate program we offer is essentially an uncapped commission program where you’ll earn a fixed sum of cash for every new customer you refer to us. There’s absolutely no limit to how many customers you can send over and no limit to how much you can earn – the more, the better!

When you refer a customer to us, we’ll then keep track of their activities with DDS Hosting in order to make sure you get paid for every purchase they make. What’s more, there’s no risk to you if they don’t make a purchase and no quota to fill – there’s really nothing to lose and a heck of a lot to gain!

What’s In It For Me?
We’ve reviewed hundreds of the web’s very best affiliate programs to come up with a unique offer that brings together the best of all worlds. And once we’ve put our unique DDS Hosting spin on things, you can be sure of a program that’s above and beyond any you’ve come across before.

In terms of rewards, we offer each of our affiliate members:

  • Competitive commission for every sale
  • No limit to how many sales can be made or commissions earned
  • High-end tracking technology keeps track of customers to keep payments fair
  • Access real-time statistics to monitor your performance
  • Payments made by cheque or as credit to be used on services
  • Immediate accounts activation – it takes seconds to sign up!
  • No fees, no contracts and no risks whatsoever – nothing to lose!

Getting Paid Using DDS Hosting’s Affiliate Program

We make it spectacularly easy to supplement your income with a healthy side-line of commissions and will guide you through every step of the process.

It takes seconds to sign up and once your account is active, you’ll have access to a huge archive of banners, posters-ads and other advertising mediums designed by our in-house professionals. Choose the size, shape and type you prefer and add it to your own website – not only will it earn you money, but will also add a splash of colour and authority to your site!

With the banners in place, you’ll then be able to access our affiliate control panel to keep track of how your affiliate ads are performing. Find that one type of ad works better than another? No problem – you can swap and change them around at any time! Feel free to experiment with different positions and pages across your website until you find that winning combination – the answers are right there in the real-time stats!

What’s more, you’ll also be able to use the Control Panel to find out all there is to know about the cash you’ve earned, the exclusive special offers available to you and any changes to set commission rates.

Supreme Simplicity, Plentiful Payouts
We’ve invested our all in ensuring the whole process is effortless from the word go – that’s the way we do things at DDS Hosting. Essentially, all we’re asking is that you demonstrate how satisfied you are…very we hope…with our products by passing our name onto others! And when you do so, we’ll make sure you’re rewarded with up to 30% commission – refer newcomers regularly and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

Like the sound of getting paid just for recommending us? Get started making it happen today!

With DDS it really could not be easier:

  • Sign up in seconds and straight into the DDS Hosting affiliate program control panel. In here, you’ll find all the tools, templates and pre-made ads you’ll ever need to spruce up your website and kick things into high gear. And don’t worry if you’re not too technically-minded, it takes little more than a few clicks!
  • The first time one of your referrals heads our way, we’ll hold onto their details with a cookie for a full 90 days. This means that anytime they come back over the next three months, you’ll get a commission on whatever they buy. And when they make any purchase, the cookie is extended for another 90 days!
  • Track all activity using the control panel and work out what’s working and what isn’t – you’re in full control of the whole thing.
  • If no purchase is made, the cookie simply disappears after 90 days with no charge or risk of any kind to you.

What Kind of Commission Can I Earn?
Commission rates vary significantly and we do occasionally make changes…you will of course be notified in plenty of time! Right now though, thousands of DDS Hosting members are earning commissions from:

  • Cloud Hosting Package
  • Full Web Design
  • VPS Max
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPX Max

Why DDS Hosting Affiliates Score Big
We insist on performing above and beyond the average, which is why we promise each and every one of our affiliate program members:

  • Excellent Conversion Rates
  • Top-Level Commissions
  • Access to Real-Time Stats and Analytics
  • Professional Banners and High-Quality Ads
  • Choice of Payment Methods
  • Regular Payments
  • Extraordinary Simplicity
  • Instant Sign-Ups

Nothing to Lose!
There really is nothing to lose – get started with your unique DDS Hosting affiliate program today and just wait for the money to start rolling in! Just email [email protected]