Get More Orders for Delivery Online for Your Fast-Food Restaurant with This New Product

Any fast food restaurant that offers delivery knows what a hassle it can be to only take orders over the phone. Customers call and want to know what specials are currently being offered. It sometimes takes forever to get their order because of a bad connection over the phone, because of background noise, or because they have an accident that is not easy to understand. The hassles that come with ordering over the phone can be a thing of the past if you try a revolutionary new product. Fast Food Advantage is an online system that can make orders easier than ever.

Fast Food Advantage will set up a website for your customers to visit. It will detail all of the specials that you have available and a downloaded version of your menu. You will give your customers the opportunity to see everything that your restaurant has to offer to them. They can then customize their order to fit their needs. They pay online, enter their delivery information, and then place their order. It is quick and simple.

The Fast Food Advantage is great for return customers, as well. When someone places an order, his or her information and order history is saved. The customer can then visit the website anytime they want to place an order and within a few mouse clicks, they will have a new order placed. This is very beneficial for customers who have a busy schedule and want to be able to quickly and easily place an order.

You can have this great system set up in a very short period of time. This is a better system than any other system on the market because it is so customizable. You have the option of allowing people to indicate if they have allergies. You can choose to give them the ability to warn you that they have a peanut allergy and then you know not to make their meal with or near any peanuts. This can be a great advantage to your business because not many businesses cater to those that have allergies. A similar option is available for those that are vegan or vegetarian. The more unique types of people you can cater to, the more business your restaurant will ultimately get.

It is important to take the time to do everything that you can to make your business as successful as possible. The Fast Food Advantage will give your business an advantage over every other restaurant in your area. Your customers will appreciate the easy-to-use system and being able to easily find any specials that your restaurant is offering. Many business owners do not realize how much higher their sales could be if they simply took the time to simplify their ordering system. Fast Food Advantage is the easiest and simplest way for your patrons to be able to place their fast food orders. It is sharp, simple, and affordable. The Fast Food Advantage is the system you need if you want to increase your sales.


  • This product sounds very beneficial. Taking delivery orders can be a hassle. It is great that you are offering a software that help with this problem.