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DDS Hosting offers a unique scrap car PPC service package for online businesses looking to maximise conversions while minimising costs.

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A Powerful Tool

In the right hands and with the right company at the helm, PPC advertising can be a uniquely powerful marketing tool. The core aim of PPC is to drive as much targeted traffic as possible to your website, which in turn ensures that more of the visitors that turn up to your pages go all the way through to conversion. The vast majority of SEO efforts favour traffic quantity over quality – PPC works with the exact opposite in mind.

Of course, handled by an inexperienced provider PPC can end up constituting yet another on-going expense that delivers nothing in return.

Here at DDS Hosting, we’re here to ensure you never have to deal with the latter – we’ve been in the PPC game for longer than most and have come to understand it better than any other web marketing brand.

Car Scrapping Services Face Growing Competition

The UK’s growing interest in responsible disposal and recycling when and where possible has led to a massive surge in calls for vehicle scrapping and recycling services. Right now, even the smallest regions and districts of the UK are in most cases covered by dozens of scrap car firms, all of which promise to offer the best price for the vehicle and the most responsible processing of all recyclable parts.

As such, it’s becoming more difficult by the day for those involved to stand out from the crowd sufficiently enough to compete. And even with a winning website, the number of rival sites doing the rounds can make it nigh-on impossible to get by without concerted efforts to go beyond the basics.

SEO will always help a car scrapping site bring in the traffic, but when it comes to carefully targeted and to an extent pre-screened traffic, little is more effective than PPC.

Experience and Dedication

We’ve been putting PPC campaigns into action for years now, refining and honing our approach along the way. The way we implement PPC these days is largely incomparable with the strategies of a decade ago – change has been essential in order to compensate for and capitalise on shifting web user behaviour patterns.

With PPC marketing, you can be sure that every hit your site receives comes from an individual with a genuine interest in who you are and what you do. As such, they are technically much more likely to convert than another web user who just managed to stumble across your site by accident. In order to bring in this targeted traffic, ads are placed in strategic locations and presented to those most likely to respond to them. For each click-through to your website, a set fee is paid which given the potential for capitalisation on the new traffic being sent over is generally a very small price to pay.

Value for money will of course be determined by how many of your visitors convert – DDS Hosting’s PPC services are unrivalled in their success rates.

Our Comprehensive Scrap Car PPC Service Package

Here at DDS Hosting, we’ve pulled together all the elements needed for a successful PPC campaign and injected a little of our unique magic into the mix. To sign up for our scrap car PPC service package is to benefit from comprehensive  attention in each of the most important areas of PPC marketing.

We promise:

  • Proven Results – We don’t just claim to offer effective PPC marketing services, we back our claims with hard evidence. Our client base is not only enviable in size and prestige, but also speaks volumes for our achievements to date. We’ve earned a solid reputation in the UK for a reason…we know what we’re doing.
  • Heavy Research – We never rely solely on past experience or general rules of thumb when crafting a PPC campaign. Instead, we insist on carrying our deep and detailed research in accordance with your niche and specialism, in order to ensure the maximum value for all clicks sent your way.
  • Precise Targeting – At DDS Hosting, it isn’t enough to put your name and your brand in front of those that just might have an interest in what you do. Instead, we ensure that every click your PPC marketing efforts attract are already on board with who you are and what you offer.
  • Scalability – And as and when your business grows, shifts or contracts in any way, we make sure all PPC campaigns are fully scalable and can be modified immediately as and when necessary.

The DDS Difference

Here at DDS Hosting, we don’t rely on buzzwords or catchy slogans to sell what it is we do. Instead, we’re more interested in delivering the kinds of results our rivals claim to be capable of, though scarcely follow through with. We understand and appreciate the fact that PPC marketing isn’t a one-time-only affair and nor can such campaigns be set in motion and left to their own devices. Successful PPC is an on-going craft that must be monitored, modified and adapted as and when the behaviour of your target audience deems necessary.

For car scrapping and recycling services, we see ourselves more as long-term partners with the unique ability to optimise your online efforts in order to bring what it is you do to the attention of a specifically targeted client base. If you’re interested in branching out we can make it happen, but if you’re more concerned with winning over your locality, our targeted PPC can work wonders. Coupled with our standard SEO services and general site optimisation experience, DDS Hosting can take you and your car scrapping business to places that would otherwise be entirely out of reach.

We don’t just want to make your business competitive – we want to take you to the very top of the industry. We’ve done the same for countless businesses in various industry areas all over the UK – when DDS Hosting makes a promise, you can count on it being kept.

Give us a call on +44(0)1872 620 605 and experience the DDS Hosting difference. Alternatively contact our Sales Department by submitting a ticket now.

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