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DDS Hosting offers a unique website optimisation service for the UK’s growing contingency of car scrapping services. We’ve already helped a number of brands climb to the very top of the rankings – we’d be delighted to bring the same exposure to you.

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Accelerating Competition
Car scrapping is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK. Britain’s newfound appreciation for the importance of recycling has led to interest in eco-friendly car scrapping hitting an all-time high. In fact, it’s now almost unheard of for any motorist to pay an outdated scrap dealer to take their car off their hands, or simply leave the car to stagnate and rust.

This fast-accelerating interest in reliable and responsible car scrapping has led to a ginormous surge in the number of scrapping service appearing up and down the UK. In any given locality, it’s not uncommon to find dozens of services offering not only environmentally-friendly scrapping services for vehicles of all kinds, but also promising a fair price paid to the car’s respective owner. Competition in even the smallest regions is already ferocious and continues to step up by the day – standing out from the crowd has never been of greater importance.

How SEO Can Help
Statistics have clearly shown how the vast majority of the interested in recycling their car first take to the web to answer a few questions. They want to know how the process works, what kind of effort is involved on their part and, perhaps most importantly of all, whether they’ll get paid a fair price for the car. As such, thousands of web searches are being carried out each day across the UK by motorists looking to put their car back into the system by way of recycling, while at the same time coming out of the deal a little better off.

This is precisely where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into the equation as in order for any car scrapping service to stand out online, it needs to stand out literally in the search engine rankings. This used to be easy enough, but with such competition in every locality across the UK, appearing prominently in the rankings requires both focused and on-going efforts.

Our track record in bringing extraordinary exposure to car scrapping services is exceptional – we promise favourable rankings and we deliver on our word. The difference between a high-level ranking and near-invisibility can mean the difference between an industry leading brand and one that struggles to survive. Word of mouth and conventional advertising will only get you and your brand so far – the rest comes down to standing head and shoulders above your rivals with effective SEO.

A Long-Term Solution
Competition in the industry isn’t going anywhere but up in the near future, which is why you should view SEO as something of a long-term solution for the life of your business. Here at DDS Hosting, we’ve never specialised in quick-fixes or rapid returns – we’re more interested in establishing your business in such a position as to guarantee its success for life.

Some web marketing agencies will happily help with a quick one-off push – DDS Hosting sets its focus much further ahead.

Two Choices, One Result
Car scrapping business owners essentially have two choices when it comes to our tailored SEO services – we can either build your site with complex SEO woven into its very fabric, or we can work on optimising your existing site.

  • New Builds
    Come to us for a freshly built website from scratch and we’ll ensure that all manner of powerful SEO elements are baked into each and every page from beginning to end. Our subtle yet effective approach to SEO ensures that while the major search engines will take note and reward your site’s content, all such elements will be undetectable. In line with Google’s increasingly strict policies on site content, we produce every page with the needs and tastes of your visitors in mind – we never lose sight of reader importance when implementing an SEO strategy.
  • Existing Sites
    If on the other hand your site already exists and you’re happy with its look and feel, we can give it a unique SEO makeover. Our goal, obligation and promise to you is to ensure that the site as a whole does not lose a shred of its overall appeal or functionality, while at the same time incorporating complex and highly effective SEO elements throughout. Even the most impressive car scrapping websites online right now are guaranteed to struggle without the necessary SEO to get them noticed – this is what we deliver.

The Power of Local
For the majority of car scrapping services operating in the UK today, it’s the immediate locality that represents the most important target market. The obvious reason being the simple logistics of vehicle transportation, which in turn makes it crucially important to understand both the power of local SEO and how it should be implemented.

By focusing our attention on the town, city or region of primary interest to you, we’re uniquely able to intensify the push to bring local customers your way.

Making the Most of Mobile
Perhaps most important of all to any business website…car scrapping services included…is full support for all mobile devices. With the overwhelming majority of web users having already made the switch to mobile search and site access, those that fail to accommodate mobile devices are turning their backs on limitless traffic.

Our car scrapping SEO services extend to mobile and will ensure that every facet of your site is not only accessible by way of mobile device, but also presents all aspects of the site with the same quality and functionality as the standard desktop version. It often takes not more than a quick mobile search on a whim for a customer to decide which brand to go with – we make sure your brand stands out above the pack.

Our Promises to You
Our service promises are simple – you will not find a higher standard of output for a lower price anywhere in the UK today. What’s more, our established reputation for unrivalled results makes us Britain’s leading authority in SEO and general web design services.

Give us a call on +44(0)1872 620 605 and experience the DDS Hosting difference. Alternatively contact our Sales Department by submitting a ticket now.

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