Reseller Web Hosting

DDS Hosting offers some of the UK’s most attractive deals on reseller web hosting packages – the ideal way for anyone with minimal experience to start their own business online.

A Unique Business Opportunity
Reseller web hosting represents one of the few Internet business opportunities that require little to no advanced knowledge and are also extremely low-risk. If unsure as to what the name itself refers to, reseller hosting is quite simply a hosting package leased to an individual who is then free to do with it as he or she sees fit.

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Here at DDS Hosting, our reseller hosting packages enable anyone to take a sizeable chunk of one of our servers and use it as if it was their own. Once the server is yours, you’re then able to split it up into as many separate hosting entities as possible, in order for each to then be leased out to a customer of your own. You get to choose the size, bandwidth and features to offer each of your subscribers in accordance with the packages you design – you also get to choose the price each subscriber pays.

Or to put it another way, you take the superior hosting services of DDS, rebrand them as your own and lease them out for profit – it really is as simple as that!

Building Your Brand
You may have long-since reached the conclusion that high-power web hosting is an industry you’ll probably never get too deeply into. Here at DDS Hosting however, we’re out to prove that with a little business savvy, a dash of creativity and the genuine desire to succeed, it’s never been easier to generate a second revenue stream.

We make it both possible and simple to begin building your very own brand and perhaps a small business venture, without having to invest in any expensive equipment or premises. When you choose DDS Hosting for a reseller package, we make it possible for you to brand everything you offer with your own business name and credentials. Unless you wish to inform them, your customers will never be aware of the fact that you are actually selling-on the services of DDS Hosting – there’s no better way of effectively putting your own name to the existing services of an industry-leading brand. And should the time come that expansion is necessary due to your reputation for quality growing, you can simply increase the service package taken from us and watch your brand flourish.

As far as your customers are concerned, you’ll have come out of nowhere to offer exceptionally affordable hosting packages of the highest quality – all of which will proudly sport your brand logo and company name.

Minimal Investment Costs, Minimal Risks
As already touched upon, the fact that little to no investment is necessary by way of hardware and premises, risks are kept to absolute minimums. There’s no need to invest in servers of your own, you won’t need any additional space to operate from and you won’t even need a particularly powerful computer.

Instead, you’ll be using our cutting-edge servers housed in our state-of-the-art facilities – all of which guarantees flawless service provision and unrivalled consistency.

High-Impact, Low-Maintenance
With a reseller hosting package from DDS Hosting also comes the promise of near-zero maintenance on your behalf. You will of course be responsible for organising the hosting packages you offer, deciding who gets what and determining your pricing structure, but in terms of any physical maintenance tasks, we take care of everything.

From essential server repairs to on-going optimisation and right through to hardware upgrades and replacements as and when necessary, you’ll scarcely realise we’re working so hard behind the scenes to keep the good name of your brand in lights.

World Class Security
What’s also important to consider is safety – as in the safety and security of all data you’ll effectively be hosting on behalf of your clients. To keep a 24/7 watch on data security and site access is not only difficult, but also extremely expensive. Threats are changing and growing every hour of every day, making security provision a round-the-clock duty within the capabilities of only the world’s most prestigious security systems and software packages.

We use such systems as standard and will therefore extend the benefit to you and your reseller subscribers. And once again, you’ll be able to proudly speak of covering all data and security concerns with world-class hardware and software, the likes of which tends to be one of the biggest deal-breakers of all in big business.

Turnkey Websites
Another potentially lucrative venture for those with at least minimal website experience is to consider the building and leasing of turnkey websites – sites that are fully complete, operational and ready to be taken over by a new owner. A reseller hosting package can be divided into as many septet accounts as necessary in which multiple websites can be built and summarily leased out as ready-to-go websites.

From simple blogs to e-commerce portals and right through to news and current affairs resources, the potential for turnkey website resale is always very high.

Our Commitment to You
What sets DDS Hosting apart from rival brands is the way in which we extend every facet of our world-class service package to all of our subscribers. Hobbyists can therefore expect the same dedicated customer service as our biggest and longest-standing clients – we’ll never sell a subscriber short when it comes to service provision.

To buy into a DDS reseller web hosting package is to buy into everything the brand stands for – superior performance, industry-leading innovation and the kind of round-the-clock care that’s a rarity on the web hosting market.

We’re fully dedicated to helping you make the most of your business and ensure your brand name stands out in light above and beyond the competition. From initial advice on the right reseller hosting package to choose right through to on-going consultancy and SEO direction, we’re with you every step of the way.

DDS Hosting – your committed partner in successful reseller hosting.

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