We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for candidates to fit the following roles:

Digital Development Manager


  • Help build industry standard working processes within the business.
  • Find new business opportunities where you can and keep customers happy.
  • Do some monthly reporting or help with keeping customers up to date with their projects.
  • Help with out of hours / emergency support for ACE brands and DDS KISS customers.
  • Partake in quality assurance testing and bug testing on releases where necessary. Help to guide developers to fix, create and test Magento / WordPress development.
  • Develop yourself extensions for Magento / WordPress where needed and fix Magento / WordPress issues where needed.
  • Do on-page SEO and CRO work and take learnings from A/B tests.
  • Work with external agencies / suppliers to delegate work whenever possible to lighten your own workload.
  • Help with customer support / billing where necessary.

Salary: TBC (Negotiable)

Holiday Days: TBC (Negotiable)

Please send applications to [email protected]